Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Do you know?

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamsp (CFLs) save 75% electricity compared to conventional bulbs.
  • 100 litres Solar Water Heating System saves 1500 units of electricity amounting to Rs. 6000/- annually.
  • Installation of domestic solar water heater carries rebate in electricity bills upto Rs. 3600/- per year for 3 years (by Department of Renewable Energy – Haryana).
  • Haryana residents can avail subsidy upto Rs. 10,000/- for solar water heating systems.
  • Setting the thermostat of electrical geyser from 60oC to 50oC can save 18% of electricity.
  • Use of five star labeled products conserves maximum energy – means reduction in electricity bills. Rating BEE* available in fridges, AC’s etc.
  • Shading the windows and walls can save 40% of your air conditioning load.
  • Raising the thermostat on your AC from 22oC to 25oC will save upto 15% in your electricity bills.
  • Setting computers to sleep-mode when note in use helps to cut energy cost upto 40%.
  • By car-pooling, using public transport or covering small distances on foot, one person can prevent discharge of about 62.5 pounds of Carbon Monoxide into the air in a year.
  • Always remember the three “R”s – for Sustainable Development.

Reduce, Recycle and Resue!

*BEE Label: Whether you are buying a refrigerator, air-conditioner or tubelight, follow on simple directive – follow the stars! They guarantee a system to rate the refrigerator, air-conditioner & tubelight on energy efficiency – the most energy efficient appliances have 5 stars and the least have 1 star. Make an informed choice. Insist on the BEE label and cut down on your electricity bill.

Save Energy the Easy Way!

  • Switch-off lights when not required.

  • Use CFL instead of conventional bulbs.

  • Use electroic chokes in place of ordinary chokes in tubelights.

  • Use a table lamp for reading.

  • Keep lamps and light fixtures dust free.

  • Wash full loads on your washing machine.

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