World AIDS Day – 1st December

World AIDS Day – 1st December

World AIDS Day

(1st December)



AIDS spreads through:

  • Unprotected Sex: Stick to one partner or Use a Condom.
  • Transfusion of HIV infected blood: Take blood from licenced blood banks only. Also donate blood voluntarily.
  • Sharing contaminated needles and syringes: Use sterilised or disposable needles.
  • From an infected mother to her new born baby: Adopt prevention from parent to child transmission programme to reduce the risk.

To know your HIV status visit any of the following centres for Conseling & Testing Facilities:

PGIMER:ICTC (General Clients)Department of Immunopathology, Room No. 33, Research Block – A, 4th Floor2755198
Councelor Room, Room No. 2020, 2nd Floor, New OPD2756878
ICTC (Pregnant Women)Department of Obst. & Gynae, Room No. 2058, C-Block, 2nd Floor2756345
GMCH 32:ICTC (General Clients)Department of Microbiology, Room No. 1401, Level-I, B-Block2665545, 2665253 extn: 2124, 9417003827
ICTC (Pregnant Women)Department of Obst. & Gynae, Room No. 2412, Level 22665545, 2665253, extn: 2213, 2201, 2204
GMCH 16:ICTC (General Clients)Pathology Lab., Room No. 26, Ground Floor2768311
ICTC (Pregnant Women)Department of Obst. & Gynae, Room No. 1502768256
ICTCCommunity Health Centre – 22Room No. 372701054
ICTCCommunity Health Centre – ManimajraCivil Hospital, Room No. 25, 2nd Floor, O.T.2751004
ICTCESI Hospital, Ram DarbarRoom No. 23(A), Ground Floor, Industrial Area, Phase II2650432, 9814056963
ICTCPoly Clinic – 45Sector 45

AIDS Helpline: 1097
Toll Free (IVRS): 2542365, 2542367
E-mail: [email protected]

State AIDS Control Society, U.T. Chandigarh
Government Multi-Speciality Hospital Complex, Sector 16-A, Chandigarh
Telephone: 2544589, 2783300, 2542365, 2542367
Fax: 2700171

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