Scrub Typhus-Symptoms and Prevention

Scrub Typhus-Symptoms and Prevention

An increase in number of high grade fever cases is observed in rainy season. One of the causes of such type of fever may be Scrub Typhus. Scrub Typhus is an acute, infectious, febrile illness caused by Orientia organism. The transmission of this is due to bite of an infected mite which dwells on wild rats.


  • High grade fever with chills.
  • Severe Headaches / joint pains.
  • A black spot Eschar (caused by bite of mite) may be seen on the body.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes (small swelling in Axilla / Groin or neck).



  • Keep your body clean / scrub entire body with soap on return from fields.
  • Keep the surrounding of your home clear of vegetation.
  • Keep sleeves rolled down / trousers in boots when in field.
  • Avoid sitting or lying in damp grass or damp logs.
  • Apply insect repellant creams to hands / wrists / ankles / legs before going to fields.




  • Scrub Typhus is not transmitted from one person to another.
  • You should always consult nearest Health Centre for any kind of fever.
  • The treatment of Scrub Typhus is very simple.
  • Consult your physician at the earliest.
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