Stop Burning of Dry Fallen Leaves

Stop Burning of Dry Fallen Leaves

  • It emits toxic and harmful fumes which includes poisonous Carbon monoxide.
  • It increases suspended particular matter (SPM) in the air and pollutes our atmosphere.
  • It produces Carbon dioxide which creates Green House Effect and disturbs the natural climate of the planet.
  • It creates insanitary conditions and the violator can be fined by Municipal Health Officer.
  • It causes cough, eye irritation and respiratory disorders.

Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh has banned burning of leaves in Chandigarh.  The composting of leaves in encouraged by Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh and Chandigarh Administration.


Department of Enviornment
Chandigarh Administration
Telephone: 4639999

Complaints of the burning leaves at any place in chandigarh may be lodged at above number.


Save Environment

Energy Conservation

Do you know?

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamsp (CFLs) save 75% electricity compared to conventional bulbs.
  • 100 litres Solar Water Heating System saves 1500 units of electricity amounting to Rs. 6000/- annually.
  • Installation of domestic solar water heater carries rebate in electricity bills upto Rs. 3600/- per year for 3 years (by Department of Renewable Energy – Haryana).
  • Haryana residents can avail subsidy upto Rs. 10,000/- for solar water heating systems.
  • Setting the thermostat of electrical geyser from 60oC to 50oC can save 18% of electricity.
  • Use of five star labeled products conserves maximum energy – means reduction in electricity bills.  Rating BEE* available in fridges, AC’s etc.
  • Shading the windows and walls can save 40% of your air conditioning load.
  • Raising the thermostat on your AC from 22oC to 25oC will save upto 15% in your electricity bills.
  • Setting computers to sleep-mode when note in use helps to cut energy cost upto 40%.
  • By car-pooling, using public transport or covering small distances on foot, one person can prevent discharge of about 62.5 pounds of Carbon Monoxide into the air in a year.
  • Always remember the three “R”s – for Sustainable Development.

Reduce, Recycle and Resue!


*BEE Label:  Whether you are buying a refrigerator, air-conditioner or tubelight, follow on simple directive – follow the stars!  They guarantee a system to rate the refrigerator, air-conditioner & tubelight on energy efficiency – the most energy efficient appliances have 5 stars and the least have 1 star.  Make an informed choice.  Insist on the BEE label and cut down on your electricity bill.

Save Energy the Easy Way!

  • Switch-off lights when not required.

  • Use CFL instead of conventional bulbs.

  • Use electroic chokes in place of ordinary chokes in tubelights.

  • Use a table lamp for reading.

  • Keep lamps and light fixtures dust free.

  • Wash full loads on your washing machine.